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HBOT has been in use for a very long time to treat many different conditions. The most well known use is to treat decompression sickness in divers. Probably one of the most common uses for HBOT is to improve the healing of wounds, particularly complicated wounds which would otherwise not heal. Examples of this are wounds in diabetics, infected wounds, even necrotizing fascitis (flesh eating disease), wounds in areas of the body that have been treated with radiation therapy. HBOT has also been used for frostbite injuries and, in some cases, has helped prevent amputations. One of the more recent uses of HBOT has been to treat brain injuries. These injuries can be the result of some event before or during childbirth, or traumatic injury at any time in life, or even due to stroke. HBOT is also used for carbon monoxide poisoning, and for anemia due to acute blood loss.



Absolutely. For some indications such as complicated wounds in diabetic ulcers etc... this is very well established and widely accepted. In fact treatment for these conditions are a compensable benefit under OHIP and the RAMQ for Canadian citizens. For other indications, such as brain injury, cerebral palsy and stroke, there is a scarcity of research in this area. Since 1999 we have treated many cases of cerebral palsy with good to excellent results. There is a lot of case study and anecdotal evidence which supports the use of HBOT in brain injured children and adults. The experience with HBOT has been enormous in the United States and a great deal of expertise exists in the field. Dr. Richard Neubauer has been a long standing proponent of HBOT and his experience in the field has been very positive.

It is very difficult to predict outcomes for each individual who undergoes HBOT. We do not promise complete recovery in any case, but we do believe that there will be improvement in quality of life gained with "small" improvement of deficits, due to brain injury. The examining physican carries out a complete medical assessment on each person who will be entering a chamber before treatment can begin. Your safety is the most important issue, and you will never be permitted to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy if we consider you to be at risk of harm.

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